About our photos... - Rio Grande Racers

The majority of the photos you see on our smugmug site as well as our website, are courtesy of Larry S. Brazell of El Paso, Texas.  Larry is a long time club member that just happens to also take awesome photos.   Larry shoots photos weekly at our play day events.  You will see a few photos uploaded each week to our galleries.


Larry also shoots all of the photos from our West Texas Shootout for Autism Awareness.  We can't thank Larry enough for his dedicated commitment to our club and providing us with first class photographs. 


A few of the videos and on occasion, some pictures are also provided by Jay Stone.  We will also have an occasional picture from our other members as well. 


If you see a photo of one of your boats that you'd like to purchase or have for your use, please feel free to contact us.  We'll get you taken care of.